FRAGRANCE LUXURY CAR-AIR FRESHENER Spray is a high powered, and Concentrated  scented spray. Just one or two sprays will fill a car,rooms ,kitchen ,office, bathrooms, toilets,Rooms will fit perfectly in your retail store’s Home Improvement, Decor, Housekeeping, and even Health & Beauty departments etc.with your amazing scent and usually lasts for days.We really recommend this product, it is very good quality and eliminates all bad odors when used.

OUR AIR FRESHENER IS SKIN SAFE  As  All our fragrances are safe for the skin, but they are concentrated and made for cars and as air fresheners, they are not recommended for direct use on the skin or any sensitive surface.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is Alcohol,  Phthalate and Paraben FREE


Fragrance Oils contribute pleasant scents to products and often conjure positive memories or trigger positive associations with their scents. Furthermore, they capture unique as well as everyday scents that cannot be found in nature.

Beyond nurturing emotional memories, fragrance may help brain function in positive ways. It’s positively associated with nostalgia, memory, and self-image, which means the right scents can evoke pleasant feelings and promote overall improvement in well-being.

Otherwise Fragrance Luxury Oil can keep your home, laundry, vehicles, and whatever your heart desires scented. Our fragrance oils are bursting with fresh scented aromas. These oils can be applied in so many different ways to freshen and clean your surroundings and even laundry! 

Adding a few drops of fragrance to your diffuser , to your air filter, on potpourri are great ways to freshen up your home.


Massage oil is designed to make a massage session relaxing and restorative. It’s also hydrating and protecting the skin’s barrier and retaining moisture, in addition to reducing friction between your skin and the hands of the masseuse.

It may also produce aromas that can further the relaxation and beneficial effects of massage


USB power supply
I’t quiet with silent companionship
It has Humidification, keeping away from dry. Deal with Seasonal dryness.
It has night light accompanying you to sleep. Atmosphere lighting with seven colors of gradual change.
Large spray for better water supplement.

How To use it:

Place your diffuser near the middle of the room. Oil diffusers will release a fine mist of water to diffuse the oils around your room. Place your diffuser near the center of your chosen room to let the oil distribute evenly around the space.

Fill Up the Tank. Because the diffuser relies on water to help create a nice smelling mist, you will routinely have to fill it up with water.

Add the fragrance Oil. Add as many drops of oil as desired.

Adjust the Settings. Our Butijain Oil Diffuser has two selectable spray modes: a pulse or a constant stream. It also has an LED light that provides soft illumination.